I have a NW65sp6 cluster running Edir 8.739 with several heavily used AFP volumes, CIFS, Zen 4.01, and iPrint. We also have an Identity Management tree that has a Universal Password Policy applied to all users and usernames and passwords are synchronized to the NW65 production tree. No Password policy in the production tree.

I want to test OES2sp1 AFP as this needs to be fully functional for us to migrate to Linux. I have a 2 node OES2sp1 cluster up and running in the same production tree, and am ready to install AFP.

In reading through the documentation it looks like the new AFP and CIFS require the users be part of a Universal password policy and that it creates a sample one by default during the install/config. I'm thinking I can just apply the password policy to an OU containing test users for now? The readme also says: There must be at least one writable replica of NMAS version 3.2 or later having the user object trying to access the AFP or CIFS server. NMAS 3.2 is already present on OES 2 and OES 2 SP1 servers, as well as on servers with eDirectory 8.8.2 installed. On OES 1 and NetWare servers with a lone writable replica of a AFP or CIFS user, NMAS should be upgraded by upgrading to the Novell Security Services 2.0.6 on eDirectory 8.7.3 SP10 or eDirectory 8.8.2. So, if my new OES2sp1 servers have R/W replicas is that enough or do I have to update my existing NW6.5 servers for this to work? Any other issues you see for coexistence in this configuration?