Yeah, I know ... I shouldn't ask this on a Friday. But here goes ...

As my trusty & reliable Motorola V710 has just bit the dust, I'm in the
market for a new phone ... and thinking of going 'smart' phone.

As I'm a VZW customer & don't want to switch (several family members on the
East Coast), that leaves out the iPhone.

I'm looking at a $40/month, 450 minute plan for voice minutes & adding $20
for unlimited data, whos time doesn't go against the voice minutes.

Question is ... what apps on these devices would be useful to a Sys Admin?

I figure it comes down to a BB or Palm device ... with BB likely in the

Palm ... Centro model

BlackBerry ... Pearl 8130, World Edition 8830, Curve 8830 seem the likely

But from what I know about the available apps, on Palm, they can be obtained
for free ... whereas on BB's, the app has to be purchased.

I'm figuring that I'll need the following apps ...

contact manager that I can sync to something
HTML browser
IM client
SSH client
micro SD

I'm open to suggestions / recommendations ... TIA & Happy Holidays