Our situation: A netware 6.5 4 node cluster with 2 ISCSI target in mirror behind them. The nodes and the targets are all Netware 6.5 SP7.

Today for maintenace 1 off the targets had to be turned off. When starting the target again the ISCSITAR doesn't load. I get the following error:

Loading Module DLOG.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module IOCTL.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module LANGMAN.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module ISCSILIB.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module HT2SOAP.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module ISCSITAR.NLM [ OK ]

20-12-2008 11:47:47 : SERVER-5.70-2713 [nmID=D0003]
Module did not release 1 resource
Module: Novell iSCSI Target
Resource: iscsitar dbgcmd
Description: Debug Command Handlers

I cannot find any problems at the server at all. Does anybody have a idea where to look for? I now am running on one off the targets and that's isn't a fine idea I think.