Not sure this is the right fourm but here goes anyway:-

I have been running NWAdmin32 for several months administering BM3.7,recently I can't get it to work at all. The BM tabs on the server
tell me that "Bordermanager is not installed or is not available on
server" and the bordermanager option from the tools menu tells me
snap-in only administers BM 3.0. An earlier version has been detected
this server. Please use the earlier version of the snap-in to manage

Nothing has changed on the server or the NWAdmin installtion to cause
to happen. My version of brdsrv.nlm on the server is 3.60.02 14 dated

september 2001. My version of proxy.nlm is 3.71.19 dated 15th april
We are running BM 3.7 SP3.

I have tried to re-install the BM snapins from the original cd and
from the
server but it makes no difference.

Has anyone any ideas on this?

Matt Hudson,
Principle Network and Communications Officer,
Burnley Borough Council.
CNA 6/5/4, CNE 5/4.