I'm new to Linux and of course not usual with the Suse hard disk management and their appearance in the Expert Partitioner screen during the installation.
My new NOWS_SBE_2 server has 2 SATA hard disk 500Gb each.

As a Netware oriented person, I planed to set the 2 SATA disk as a RAID 1 (mirroring) configuration.
I wish to have 5 Volumes:
1.Sys: 10-20 Gb for the system
2.Applic: 20 Gb for the HTDOCS (the WEB site) and other applications
3.Development: 20 Gb for files waiting for development
4.MySQL: 60 Gb for the Data Base
5.Backup: the remaining space to backup files from other servers with the DOS xcopy command or with the M$ Explorer.

1.Is it possible to achieve the about configuration?
2.Can you help me how to do it? The Suse interface and terminology is different from Netware and new for me.
3.In the Installation and administration Guide I don't see any info about the Suse Hard Disk installation\partitions? Where can I find the info?
4.Any suggestions?