Looking at a particular machine for another reason, but ran SLPINFO /ALL
on it. Found the following info that concerns me a bit. Under Local
Interface info, the "Last Addr Out:" address points to a PC on a totally
separate and very unlikely VLAN/subnet.

We're a K12 school district. This is a school administrator's computer,
and the IP address listed for "Last Addr Out:" is on a *student* VLAN.

So far I haven't found anything that tells me exactly what that SLPINFO
field means. Has it actually communicated with the machine at that IP
address? Is it SLP information only that was sent to that IP address?
I can't think of any legitimate technical reason that an administrator
computer should be talking to a student computer in my network.

Thoughts and suggestions? Right now the student computer is offline, so
I don't have any way of looking at it until someone fires it up later
today. (I'm in another location.)