I virtualized one of my servers this weekend. It is a netware 6.5 SP4a. Everything runs fine. I loaded VMTOOLS. I am running Veritas Netbackup up 6.5.2 on the server. When the backup agents load and unload the CPU on the monitor stays around 99%. But I can login and access all the files fine. On the server I can toggle and unload/reload agents and look at screens. I would think if the CPU is really 99-100% it would be frozen. When I look at the VM Infracture Client the CPU on that shows as idle. I have one CPU because I have read that Netware is better with one. I have 8 GB of RAM. It is now 7:50 am and users are logging in and getting their drive mappings fine but the server still says 99% Utilization. Also I turned off Client file caching and Opslock. Has anyone seen this before? I might try to downgrade my backup client version.