No matter how much we suggested our 10-year-old twins go see Santa or write him a letter, they refused to do it. My wife and I have already bought all their regular presents, and held off on SC presents until we were sure they weren't on to us. Friday we decided that since they haven't seen him or written to him, then we're not going to buy anything from him.

I'm sure one of them ("Ca") still believes, but I think the other one ("Ki") is wise to us. On the 13th when we were visiting Chicago I suggested to "Ki" that she go tell S.C. what she wants. She said, "Dad, I'm in 5th grade. Aren't I too big for that?" I said, "No, I don't think so. What makes you say that?" She just shook her head, but didn't say the words I was expecting to hear. Saturday night over dinner our 13-year-old started bugging them about not at least writing a letter. Unknown to us, right after dinner they both started writing letters to him. We found out last night about the letters they wrote but we've already decided that since they didn't see or write to him soon enough, then they don't get anything from him.
I feel like dirt because they may still believe and I don't really want to blow that by not getting them something. On the other hand, money is tight.

Here's the way I see it:

(rock) me (hard place)

Your thoughts?