I need help trying to install Netstorage on a OES2 server. This is an
existing server with edirectory installed on it. From the command line
I typed "yast netstorage"

I get a message regarding LDAP is already configured and I cancel
through this.

It prompts for the Domain Host, username password etc, and the I select Next

I then receive an error message.
Error 127 executing xrvcfg

It then tells me it needs to restart Apache and Tomcat and kicks me back
to terminal. If I go back into "Yast netstorage" it tells me it is
already configured, I can continue and I get the same sequence as above.

If I just enter Yast, Netstorage does not appear under OES Services.

FYI, I do not have iManager installed on this server. Do I need to
install this first?