I am trying to determine why my laptops are not keeping their names or at least renaming themselves as a process of the ZEN Imaging we do with our students laptops. The re-image process and rebooting of the laptop after re-imaging works correctly. The only issue is that the laptop does not keep its name and reverts to the name within the image used. I have pasted in a section of the "imenu" we using in selecting the appropriate image.

sleep 5
img rp $PROXYADDR //$PROXYADDR/images/hsvostro1000.zmg ;
zisedit Computername=$WSNAME ;
echo -e " \033[31mRebooting computer! \033[0m" ; reboot -f ;;
4 ) if [ -n "$(zisview ComputerName)" ]; then
WSNAME=$(zisview ComputerName)
echo -e "No Safedata"
while test ! $WSNAME; do
echo -n "Please enter the workstation name:"
read WSNAME;

I have even used this line after to replace my "original" zisedit command after reading a post in the forums that it worked on their Dell laptops. But it fails just like the script displayed above.

zisedit ComputerName=$WSNAME$D$SN DNSHostName=$WSNAME$D$SN WindowsWorkgroup=$WSNAME DNSSuffix=usd376.com JustImaged=True ;

Thanks in advance for your assistance!