Hi everyone....

I am not to familiar with Linux and i want to install this patche:
ZENworks Imaging Driver Update for December 2008

I run Linux SLES 9 server

There is the installation instructions:
Overview: This update contains newer drivers than were available at the time of "code lock" for the most recent updates for ZCM 10.1, ZDM7 SP1 and ZLM7.2IR2

System Requirements: ZCM10.1/ZDM7 SP1/ZLM7.2 IR2

Installation: Extract files from the downloaded zip file.


1. Burn the bootcd.iso to CD or DVD.
2. Boot the managed device using the CD or DVD.

PXE files:

1.Take the back-up of the existing 'initrd','root' and 'linux'.
2.Copy the new pxe files and (on Linux) give read and execute permissions to all users.
3.Boot the managed device through PXE.

Uninstalling: revert to saved copies of files

Someone can help me where exactly I must place this file?
What command i have to do to give read and execute permissions to all users?

Thanks in advance....