We are using a 3rd party imaging tool to deploy images to our workstations. Because of other political issues, we won't be switching to ZEN imaging at this point. My question is regarding Image Safe Data and ZCM 10.

I'm creating an image with the ZCM Agent pre-installed so that when it comes up for the first time, it will register in the zone (assuming that it matches one of my registration rules) automatically. I've done the following to prepare my image:

1. zac fsg -d
2. zac cc
3. Remove image safe data via ziswin.
4. Sysprep the PC.

This works fine the first time. The device comes up, I rename it (so that it will match a registration rule), and then it registers in the zone.

The problem I have is after I re-deploy an image to a PC that already had the image on it. Because the image safe data still exists on the drive (with the device GUID), it doesn't follow my registration rule and automatically registers (as the wrong name, etc).

Because we are not using ZEN imaging, is there any way to completely disable the process that reads and writes the image safe data to the drive (specifically the devcie GUID)?

I realize that this functionality is beneficial in some circumstances because the device does not need to be deleted from the zone. This keeps bundles and policies assigned, etc. Unfortunately, in my case, it would be easier if it would re-register each time as if it never existed.

I've found a couple of utilities that will allow me to delete the image safe data from the drive but I'd rather not have to deal with that if possible.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!