I have been attempting to configure passphrase recovery with iFolder 3.6 and 3.7. I can change the passphrase from the client successfully - indicating my certificates used are working as expected.

However, I cannot find the 'KeyRecovery' executable on the Linux server (SLES 10.1 - for iFolder 3.6, and SLES 10.2 - for iFolder 3.7) in the location documented in the iFolder documentation. The 'bin' directory is there, but no 'KeyRecovery' file exists.

I noticed that the iFolder client has a 'KeyRecovery.exe' file, but, using it only gives a decrypt key creation error when attempting to use it.

Has anyone successfully used the passphrase recovery mechanism in iFolder 3.6 or iFolder 3.7? If so, how did you use/find the 'KeyRecovery' file? I'm able do configure and use everything else - just no file for running the key recovery software..