I encountered a problem with the character encoding while accessing the OES2 server iprint page (http://server/iprint). When accessing the iPrint page on the OES2 Linux server with a browser having Czech as default language, I can see that for the national characters there is incorrectly used the ISO-8859-2 encoding instead of the UTF-8, declared in the webpage header.

Looking into the file being used as source for the iPrint webpage strings (/opt/novell/iprint/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/mod_ipp.mo) I can see, that this file is already encoded in the UTF-8. As a workaround, I attempted to solve this problem by deleting the following linein the /etc/apache2/charset.conv file:

cs ISO-8859-2 Czech

After the apache2 restart, the iPrint webpage encoding looks OK, but unfortunately, now we are getting errors when clicking on the printers available on this iPrint page. The error messages are similar to this:

ErrorCode: 10060

Unknown StringUnknown String

Unknown StringUnknown String
Unknown StringUnknown String 10060

To get the iPrint functionality back, I have to restore the /etc/apache2/charset.conv file to it's original state and then I have to restart the whole OES2 server (apache2 restart is not enough).

I would appreciate any suggestion how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

Martin Strobl