i posted this in the Netware6install-upgrade forum, but thought i'd
get you
guys to look at it and see what you think?

i have a NW6Sp3 BM server running 3.7sp2, and i'm getting a strange
when i go into console1 and try to view the properties of the server.
volumes of the server instantly disappear, and i start getting fat
errors scrolling across the screen. once everything stops scrolling
console1 coughs up an access error, i can
remount the volumes, and reload the BM software and everything runs
fine. i
only get the error when accessing it through console1. other than
that, the
server seams to run great. the server is a dell poweredge 2550 with a
4 disk
raid5 array.
i upgraded all the firmware and drivers with dell's recommendations
for NW6
with the same results, so i'm relativly confident it's not a hardware
any ideas will appreciated

- Hogan