Hi all,

Seasons Greetings!

I am looking for some help with DSFW post installation blues. I have
installed and configured DSFW onto two Sles 10 sp2 OES 2 sp1 virtual xen
servers. Installation went without issue and the virtual DC's respond to
queries correctly. DNS is working as expected.

The AD forest contains just one domain with the both DC's members of this

Workstations can join the domain without issue.
Users can login to the domain without issue.
Management of users and groups via iManager works fine.

Management of users and groups from MMC user and computers throws up some

For example: Add a user to a group, error message - "Invalid network
address" is thrown.

From MMC Users and Computers: Connect to another Domain Controller: "RPC
server is unavailable or network address is invalid" is thrown.

I have no errors in the logs that point to any error.

Does anyone have any ideas were I can look to troubleshoot this ?

I am only experiencing these errors with installations on XEN, VMware or
physical installs are fine.

I have checked the docs and DSFW on xen is supported.

Many thanks for any help!

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