Running ZCM 10.1.2 on SLES10.2.

Just beginning to test ZCM, and running into a snag. My boss and I are testing things and have installed the agents on our workstations (which are basically identical hardware, run XP pro SP3, and were cloned using Ghost). After cloning, the workstations have their computer names changed to match our internal asset tags, and I have since used Sysinternals NewSid to apply a new SID to my computer. Here's the problem: ZCM shows only one workstation registered, with the host name showing as whoever logged in last. We've both unregistered, uninstalled the agent, reinstalled, etc.

Only the last machine to connect gets policies, etc. deployed to it.

Until this is resolved, I can't really go further with my testing. Most of the deployed workstations were imaged with Ghost, and I'm concerned that some artifact of the imaging process is causing ZCM to identify all machines from the same image as the same computer.