I am getting ready to upgrade to 8 on my server and I wanted to double check my
setup and see if there were any caveats.

I'm running 7.0.3 on SLES10SP1/OES1. I have one MTA, two PO's, a GWIA, and
webaccess on the same server, with the DB's on a reiserfs partition. I'm
running GWAVA4 with a GWIA scanner, and one PO scanner (I'm assuming the 8 gwia
works the same as 7 with the "smtp-home" switch, right?).

I aslo have GW Messenger on this box and GMS 2.0.3 on another box thats talking
to GW via SOAP.

I don't use any DMS/Libraries in GW, and I just backup with dbcopy... anything
else I should look at or know about?