I am new to Bordermanager and its use of IPX filtering and I have a
on setting up access.
I would like comments or suggestions on setting up a computer lab for
through BorderManager. That is is it possible to force users to
to either nwclient or web page) before accessing services to either
internet and the Novell servers on the backbone? We use IPX and IP for

Netware access. We use IPX for printing mostly were we have older
queues still in the computer labs.
We run NW6+SP2.
The goal is to prevent a student from bringing in a laptop and
around the backbone but if they authenticated then we hope to track
atleast. We would like to prevent any access to our backbone by firstlogging in to netware but how can they login when the only netware
server is
the bordermanager server with a replica of only its container?

Has anyone set this up or be willing to comment on their setup for a
computer lab environment in a college?