Recently installed Novell Client for Vista on vista 64 system (Home Premium). I understand Novell doesn't specifically support Home Premium, but I assume it does work.
When client is invoked, cmd window show something like "nalntsrv Access Denied". Also, "Error opening SC Manager".
Eventually get connected to server. But access to files is very very slow. Have XP PC running XP client attached to internet via same router, and it operates properly.
Because I couldn't think of anything else, I uninstalled and reinstalled the client, but that didn't help
Unfortunately, I'm a Novell noob, so don't understand significance of nalntsrv.exe or SC Manager.
Not sure of this, but believe that at one time I looked for nalntsrv.exe in the Vista PC Windows\System32 and didn't see it. So I copied one over from the XP system. Perhaps that's a further complications??
I'm stumped. Any Ideas?