I have been trying to get WPAD to work with our new BM 3.7 firewall
ran across an issue I can't seem to solve.

We have a NW6SP3 server with BM 3.7 SP2, and TCP607j installed.
DHCP on an internal server that is working properly.

We also still have a NW4SP9 server with BM 2.1. I had no problem
WPAD to work with this old BM at all. I did not setup this BM 2.1
but know that it has severe issues.

Today I happened to realize that I should try unloading IPFLT on the
BM to insure filtering is not causing a problem. BINGO! WPAD started

working perfectly. But I am not to good at creating exceptions, and
not seem to get one that works. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Brent H.
TNG, Inc.