I am preparing a migration of several servers from NW 65. SP6 to OES 2 SP1 Linux. One of those servers has ZENworks 7 Desktop Management/Middle tier server installed.

I am seeing statements in the documentation which make me wonder.... We use Desktop Management mostly for remote access, only now and then for inventory. I can live with the idea of doing a fresh install of ZENworks 7 desktop management following migration, and then importing the workstations anew.

I am planning on upgrading to ZENworks 10 later in the year. However, under the circumstances I am wondering if the migration might be a good time to jump to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management? I understand that Console1 goes away(?) but I do not understand what is to take the place of Console1.

Do any of you have experience with making that leap? What are the major considerations I should be looking at?