I have now just two NW 5.1 SP5 servers. FS1 handles all the file/print

sharing and it is hosting GW 5.5 mailbox and POA.

FS2 is our firewall + proxy running BM3.6 EE. (it has two NICs, one at

private and one at public internet)

I am involved in a mega proposal. The followings are accepted.

(1) SAN cluster FS1 to make it high available. We decided to move to
6.0 at the same time. Also, since FS1 is already overloaded, we plan
add another server to take the GW load. Then we will make it a 2 node


(2) We will move to GW 6.5, since GW 5.5 is no longer supported. plus
need spam control, etc etc.

(3) My question- Is it OK security-wise to bring the BM server (FS2)
the cluster? If so, how will the BM server fail over so that it take
of the routing?