We have a NW6SP2/SBS server running. I set this up a few months back,
got BM configured and working as well, however at this time we are
running through our previous proxy server. We plan to switch over to

We need to facilitate external access to files on the server from
workstations over the Internet. I'm not as interested in running
on the server, just being able to copy files in and out of the server
an Internet connection. Ideally via HTTP or FTP.

Obviously I want to authenticate the user rigerously in somekind of
log in,
but this not a login to the NW network as a remote WAN type user.

From what I understand it looks like there are a couple different ways
to do
this, either using socks or something else. Can anybody give some
recomendations about which way to go and point me in the right area to


Hope that makes sense.

Thanks, Chris.