Some weeks ago, customer decided to try virtualization with ESX 3.5i

There were two servers both NetWare 6.5 SP8. One is file and print + DNS and DHCP and the other GroupWise 7.03

I moved the file & print server by creating a basic Server on ESX, and then making a Portlock Image of the source box and restoring it to the Virtual machine - then I repatched the Virtual box and there were ZERO problems.

Then we decided to add a second NetWare 6.5 Server use the first one for DNS and the new one for file and print + iFolder and NetStorage. No problems.

After a couple of weeks, then decided to install an OES2 Linux server into the Tree. The install was painless, converting to XNTPD, thanks to poor documentation - somewhat of a nightmare but got it (more or less) sorted and everything is in sync .

Now we tried to migrate the GroupWise box in the same way (with Portlock) and Portlock now refuses to work in the Tree with the Linux Server!

Not to be outdone, we then tried to migrate the server with Novell's migration and consolidation tool to ESX and it went smoothly. We restored the Mail Volume which has the Domain and PostOffice, but the GWIA just refuses to do anything except give the message : -

Accepting LDAP Connection with:
LDAP Session Ended :

Over and over again!

We managed to restore the original GroupWise server so we didn't lose mail, but now I'm looking for a foolproof way to migrate the GroupWise Server to ESX, keeping the same name and the same IP Address.

Anyone who has done this? Any helpful suggestions?