I have been doing some playing around and so far cannot get SUSE10/OES2 to see an exabyte 1x10 packetloader as a viable backup device. We have at this time only NW65SP7 systems and the original solution was BE9.2 but this had so much trouble with the packet loader that eventually the people at the time just gave up. Now I have inherited this wonderful serving tray (actually its not too bad a unit when it works, 10 tape acrousel with a VX320 drive inside) and my goal would be to put it on a test server running SUSE10 and/or OES2. I have noticed an option to install an archive server configuration that I can't find much on. At this time however I can get BIOS to see both the loader as ID3 & the tape drive as ID4 but SUSE will only see the loader.

I suppose my questions are 1) Has anyone made this tape unit work under SUSE10; 2) Is my goal a realistic one; 3) How did you get it to recognize; 4) How did you setup the NW65 systems to allow this new server to be able to do full backups; and 5) is there any writeup or document on how to do a full system restore from this kind of configuration?

I have always been an avvid supporter of Backup Exec but it seems as the versions have gotten higher the stability has dropped. All I hear from them now is "... Bad scsi cable/card/termination..." but the same test under linux can normally talk to the tape drives just fine. I would like to continue to use this unit if at all possible. I have come across the mtx project on sourceforge but it needs to see the tape drive in the OS and tanberg's site is horrid and outdated for drivers...

Thanks in advance!