Hello everybody!

I've just started playing with ZAV (6.1.374) and I "packaged" a given application under Windows XP Professional + SP3 32bit.

I've been able to run the "packaged" apps on another Windows XP box fine but as soon as I tried on a Windows Vista Business +SP1 box I experienced some errors.

The first error message I got was:

Initialization of UDA failed.
NLS-F-NOFILE, The file indicated by COGNLSTAB does not exist.
MSG-W-NOCATALOG, It was not possible to open the message file. Using default messages instead.

Then, a bit later:

The application was unable to load a required component: PPCUtil.dll.
Please contact the published of this application for more information.

The latter message was depicted in a "Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization" window; the PPCutil.dll is really a DLL included with the product I'm trying to port on Vista and I have the very same error message if I try to run the packaged app on a thin client running Windows XP Embedded + SP2.

Will a package created on a given platform (eg, Windows XP) be restricted to RUN on the very same platform?

Is cross platform (eg, creating a package on XP and running it on Vista) supported by ZAV?