I am having an issue with GW8. Just upgraded a few weeks ago from version 7.0.3 (NetWare 6.5.7). Everything is fine for the most part....but I have one fairly big issue, but I am hoping it is just something not configured right. I saw an earlier post from someone, with what I think is the same problem, and the last reply back in November was that they thought it had been reported to engineering....

The issue is that i cannot open attachments when connecting directly to the GWIA. I have a few users that use Thunderbird as their mail client, and they connect via IMAP to the GWIA. If they receive an email with an attachment from someone INSIDE our domain (sending via the GroupWise client) Thunderbird does not even show there is something attached. If they log into their GroupWise client, the attachment is there. If someone external sends them an email with an attachment Thunderbird shows it...

This issue is for anyone connecting via the GWIA, such as our Blackberry users.

To me it feels like something is mis-configured, but any help would be great...or even if someone can confirm this is a known issue and has been reported to Novell.