In case someone else is up over the weekend.

Disclaimer: I'm a Windows guy, but don't beat up on me. The network is

primarily NetWare and want to keep that.

I'm not doing the setup on this, but I'm trying to make sure that I
understand what is happening since the consultant who is doing the
setup is
starting to scare me.

Current setup
Two Internet connections - call them Sprint and Covad

Covad has following
NT 4 with Proxy 2.0, GWIA, and GW WebAccess
Cisco router with VPN to major client for LotusNotes
Win2k server with mail virus/spam filter (it receives incoming mail,
then forwards to GWIA).

BorderManager for VPN access

Internal network has main File and Print server and a GW server

Intent is to add third NIC to BM so that it can connect to Covad
also. NT 4 box will be removed for security reasons. GWIA will be
placed on
GW box. WebAccess will be dealt with later.

Key concern is ensure that internal clients can reach LotusNotes
through Cisco VPN.

My understanding is that BM should be able to provide a route to the
Notes server, or anything on the Internet, using NAT. Through logs I
be able to tell who accessed a web site or the Lotus Notes server,
through their NetWare login or PC's IP address.

BM should block all originating incoming traffic except on ports that
open. I shouldn't have to explicitly open any ports for the LotusNotes

server, since that is outgoing traffic. There should be no reason that
have to obtain an IP address from my ISP for each individual machine
that I
want to access the Lotus Notes server.

As a bonus question, is there anyway I can setup DHCP in NetWare to
assign a
particular IP address based on either username, computer name, or MACaddress?

Second bonus, reading some of the messages here, it appears as though
I can
setup a VPN between two BM machines? How much bandwidth does this
take? I'm
assuming this would consume less than having 4-6 users in the same
VPN into the main office?

Westley Annis