OK, I've looked over the last few months of posts and I have found one thing that might meet my needs (SEP sesam), but I'm still doing research and as such wondering if anyone can recommend something which might meet my needs. As such, this is my situation:

I have three remote sites which will need to be running OES Linux soon enough. One is currently being planned (nothing there yet), the other two are running NetWare. One of those two has Symantec Backup Exec running locally, and the other runs SyncSort Backup Express which is controlled from our central office but writes to a local disk.

With these being remote locations, I need them to be able to write locally so Symantec is out. We use NSS, so NetVault, Amanda, etc are out. I'm under the impression that Syncsort Backup Express won't work well either with OES Linux, although I suppose I may be able to set it up to be controlled from HQ to write remotely but that still strikes me as more convoluted than it needs to be.

So, SEP sesam is on the table... does anyone else have any recommendations of what I should be looking into? Thanks in advance!