I just installed 2 new NW6 servers with all the latest patches,
NW6SP3, etc
and they work perfect.
The second server was without client licenses.
iManage is running on the first server.
I then I installed BorderManager 3.7 with all the latest patches
using all the tips from Craig Johnson's site. It works almost perfect

except for accessing a pop3 server offsite. I tried to configure
using the iManage interface, but the snapin for filter configuration
missing. I have tried TID 10069293, except for the part where it says
re-install of BorderManager 3.7 will be necessary to properly extend
schema". Why wouldn't it have been extended in the first place, and
if I do
reinstall, will I need to redo all the settings, etc I have done to
make it
work up to this point?

Thanks for all your help