Wrapping up a migration of a server which we use as
the conduit to personal web pages on a few different

The problem now is that apache isn't loading. It's also not
giving any errors that appear to be of any use.

I've copied over the files from the sys.mig structure
for: apache2 - didn't help; adminsrv - didn't help

Regenerated the .keystore file - didn't help

PKIDIAG showed no errors on the check, but ran through to
force it to update. 2 problems corrected, all appears to be
OK here when run with 0 later.

SDIDIAG comes up with no problems.

iManager is not working, the nps/servlet/configure page also
does not come up (to be expected since apache is not running).

This is a production machine that is giving me grief. I'm continuing
to look for relevant TIDs, but would appreciate if anyone else has
see this type of behavior.

The server has been set up with an SSL certificate. NRM seems to
be working fine using the cert.