I'm running BM 3.6sp2a on NW5.1sp6 currently, and want to upgrade to NW6sp3 and BM 3.7sp2 this weekend. I've read Craig's tips, and
the patches and updated license file. Some questions:

I'm using the nw6sp3 overlay CD, is the purge_nw still needed?

I'm running transparent proxy, so what version of tcp do I need? The
page says not to run 607j with tp, is that still an issue?

My plan right now is:
1. Upgrade netware, patch nss and nls
2. upgrade border and patch.
3. additional patches, etc.

Is there anything else I might be missing or need to have on hand
to starting? Once I start I won't have internet access available, so going to find additional files might be tough. I'd like this to be
smooth, rather than a weekend long nightmare. (Not that that's ever
happened to ME before ;). )