We updated our Netware 6.5 SP5 server domain to SP8. A few days after the upgrade we had some electricity tests in our organisation which failed our UPS where 3 of the 4 netware servers resided. So the 3 netware servers crashed (not good). Now we have a problem and I can't find out if it's because of the upgrade part we did or because of the electricity malfunction.

If we try to create a printer with our (new) iManager 2.7.2 we can input Printer name, NDPS Manager, container where printer object must be made in. Then if we hit next we recieve this error "A system error occurred."
At the console I can see a Printer agent has been made and in C1 I see a printer object with the same name. But the object in ConsoleOne seems to be missing some properties at the tab other...
I can't use the printer. It seems something like iManager has a missing link with the iPrint mechanism and can't create the right properties for the printer or something..??

Furthermore it seems that the SLPDA.NLM is not loading from the autoexec.ncf??? And it did before. I seem to load it manual or place it further more down the autoexec.ncf file?? Is this a know behaviour after an novell upgrade or did the electricity crash leave us with some strange behaviours?

Hope someone can help,

Maarten Vollebregt