I have 17 SLES 10 SP2 servers running the ZLM 7.2.2 HP3 agent attaching to a SLES 10 SP2 Primary ZLM server also running ZLM 7.2.2 HP3.

All the servers have registered correctly with the primary server and I am able to assign catalogues\bundles etc without any issues.

I am having issues with the available updates icon giving incorrect and inconsistent results.

I have assigned and subscribed to the same catalogues and bundles on all 17 devices and run a rug up -y on all devices which has successfully installed all the required packages to each device.

The ZLM server however thinks that there are some devices fully patched. Some have a few packages still requiring and update and some still have all the packages to apply.

Software inventory is enabled on the agents and my ZLM server and I have left the server for a day in case there is a scanning schedule issue.

Can anyone advise me on what I should be looking at to see why the update status is not refreshing