I have a policy in ZSM 7.0.1, for NetWare servers. It is a Script that should run every hour. It is a perl script that will run correctly from the server if I just run the perl command.

When it is run as part of the policy, I get the following:

[Console:SERVMAN SCHEDULED ITEM] ERROR -1 CommonServer:FleetBoss WOL.Policies.ZENWorks.Root - failed processing - FleetBossWOL

[Console:SERVMAN SCHEDULED ITEM] WARNING - Policy partially processed : CommonServer:FleetBoss WOL.Policies.ZENWorks.Root

[Console:SERVMAN SCHEDULED ITEM] Reason - Unable to process variables in script file

I have the variables only in the script, do they need to be somehow created for the ZSM environment? Or any other ideas?


Stuart Beckett