Netware 6.5SP8 .. Proliant DL380 / 1.5g ram / in 2 node cluster

Slows down over about 5-7 days, until the users start to complain about
getting kicked off of our proprietary in-house application. The app
runs from the NW drive, and access an SQL server. Running the app from
the C: drive makes it a LOT faster, when the server is doing it's "slow

Rebooting always fixes. Server utilization is between 14 and 51% .. but
the busiest thread on the monitor is generally something such as "Server
xx" (where the xx is a number) or sometimes "Cache Pool" or something of
the like.

Have installed a Compaq PSP (but think I upgraded the NW service pack
after I installed the PSP).

This is getting really old, the servers have been in place for about 5
years, when they first went in they'd go 150-180 days before we'd have
to reboot (generally, due to a backup issue).