Hardware - HP ML110 G5 - ESX 3.5i
OS - SLES10 SP2 with OES2 SP1

I'm missing something here...

I created a DHCP Server from command line - no problem
I Created a DNS Server from command line - no problem

I couldn't figure out how to make this a DDNS Server, so I reverted to a snapshot and used YAST - no problem (I have to say it makes life simpler).

Now I created a TSIG Key and enabled this in DHCP and DNS and then got a syntax error in named xpecting ']' before ; I tried to find a corresponding [ but there isn't one, so obviously it got "confused" with the error.

I guess I did something out of sequence because after 3 attempts I still get the same.

Can someone who has done this and found the "gotcha" help please?