I am confused!!!

All of a sudden, we can't access www.cnn.com or www.netscape.com or
www.hotmail.com when logging on the mail account (https). It times
out with
504 Gateway Timeout or just waits there indefinately.
-Using BM for caching only on the inside (1 private NIC)
-It works fine if we bypass http proxy
-Transparent proxy is not on
-Using Craigs proxy.cfg file

-Installed a second BM box with Craig's installation intructions with
patches without Access rules and authentication but same issue!

The only thing I remember doing last week in inetcfg is removing the
name for the public nic I had at one time and removing the binding to

Any ideas?

Don Graham
NIMS 3.1e, NW5.1 SP6
BM3.6 SP2a, TCP583J
Zenworks 3.2 sp2