Hi all,

Please, could anybody provide us with a Simias.config sample file to
check our file againts it? I would like to double-check that the
problema I am having here is not a problem related with the
structure/content of this config file. Thanks!

This issue comes from another thread, simias.config is dead, but I think
that some of you could help us to solve this issue if I split it in
simple components.

The problem: a OESsp2/SL9.0 box ran out of space due to a problema with
Tomcat cache. iFolder 3.6 deleted
/var/lib/wwwrun/.local/share/simias/Simias.config file.

Following a previous message from Nitin,
/opt/novell/ifolder3/etc/simias-server-bootstrap.config must contain all
the required parameters to start ifolder server.

The following steps:

1. copy /opt/novell/ifolder3/etc/simias-server-bootstrap.config file to
location /var/lib/wwwrun/.local/share/simias/Simias.config

2. chown wwwrun:www -R /var/lib/wwwrun/.local/

3. /opt/novell/ifolder3/etc/ifolderrestart.sh

Don't solve the problem and we keep getting "Unable to connect to the
iFolder server." errors.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


Ricardo Rodrguez
Your EPEC Network ICT Team