This server started out as an Linux OES1 server, running DHCP and DNS integrated into eDir. I upgraded it to OES2 and DNS was running just fine in eDir and DHCP was configured through YaST. I just installed SLES10 SP2 and OES2 SP1 with no problems, and now I want to get DHCP back into eDir (where it belongs :) )

From iManager, I can create the server, the zones, ranges, etc and I receive no errors. When I start the DHCP server, it starts just fine, but nothing works (the clients cannot find the DHCP server). If I go into YaST and create the subnets, ranges, etc., everything works just fine. Also, from the old Java DNS/DHCP console I can see my DNS server running and all it's configuration, but the DHCP server I created in iManager does not show up. If I try to add it, I get a duplicate name error. The old console should still work, right?

I'm assuming that the "magic" link that Novell has between eDir and the linux DHCP server is not working, probably due to the series of upgrades??? If I turn off the DHCP server in iManager, the linux dhcpd unloads and if I type "rcnovell-dhcpd start" from the command line, it loads it in iManager as well so that part is working correctly.

I only have three subnets and a handful of options, so I think it would be quicker if I just blew everything away and started over. Can someone tell me what objects in eDir I need to delete, and what files (like hdcpd.conf ??) I need to delete to just start over from scratch? Or is there a quick fix to get the configuration in eDir to work with the dhcpd in linux?

Thanks for any help!

Happy New Year!