Hi All, I'm using GMS204 on windows 2003. I added users to Group and assigned profile to Group only, but not individual. Because different users want to sync differents items, in GMS Profile Settings, I unchecked to sync Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts and every PIM items and checked all Allow User Override for every item. So that user can check any item they want to sync in What to Sync on device. But I found that after user check an item on device, this item will become uncheck when return to see.

On the other hand, when I checked sync Inbox, Outbox, etc in GMS Profile Settings and checked Allow User Override, I found that item will become check on device even user uncheck the item in What to Sync on device.

Anyone meet the same problem? Actually, can I unchecked all sync items and check only allow user override in order to let user freely choose in What to Sync on device. Thanks.