I have installed SLES 10 SP2 and OES2 SP1 (x86-64) onto a new sever with a new tree.

Everything seems to work fine but I can't create a NSS pool and volume in iManager, I get this error:

Error: The selected segment is not available. Select pool segments from free space on an unpartitioned device or an EVMS-managed device.

In Yast Partitioner I see I have a device (/dev/sda) that is 233GB in size.
On this I have a 22GB linux partition (/dev/sda1) and a 4GB swap partition (/dev/sda2).
This leaves me over 200GB for NSS volumes.

In iManager I have selected Pools from the Storage menu and then selected my server followed by New to create a new pool.
I then entered a name for the poolfollowed by the used size (mount on creation is ticked).
When I select Finish I get the error.