I have researched and researched this. It is really causing some major issues.

What will happen is a user will login and not get their mapped drives. I have put in pauses to make sure I see the script. This is hard to explain. It happens randomly. It is not the script. It is more a matter of the script not being called or launched. For example today already my second computer did not get the script. If I reboot it still does not. If I log off, not reboot and play with the client settings like change the default server It will get the script. Once I get the script I can reboot as much as I like and always get the script. Tomorrow I may not.

I have disabled windows firewall as a potential problem. I have changed the default login server to every server on the network and every one logged in and launched the sript just fine. It doesn't seem like any server itself is having the issue as much as netware as a whole. We have a mixed environment as we have 3 6.5 servers and 8 5.1 servers.

It seems this is happening more frequently. I get at least 2 calls a day from people not being able to launch programs. This because they have no mapped drives. I can tell right away when it doesn't run as I put some pauses in the IS OU to make sure I could monitor and test it. If it doesn't show up on the screen I know it didn't run. Nothing is different between logins. It is completely random. Actually that is not true it is not COMPLETELY. If it happens to someone it usually will happen to that person again at some point. But it will be random as to when it happens. I have someone near me who last week had the issue. I logged her out logged back in and she got the script. For 3 days she then had no issues. Then it started again. Now for 3 days she has not got the script in the morning. Log off and back on and it will work. For the rest of the day it will continue to work no matter how many times you reboot.

This is becomming a huge problem. Any one have any ideas what may be causing them to run when they feel like it? Or where I can look to resolve this?

Thanks in advance.