Hopefully someone can assist with my prob with allowing web access towebmail server. I have a BM 3.5 server running dynamic and static nat(with nat dynamic mode to pass thru =on. I have setup reverse proxy as

per craig's book and various posts to these newsgroups.

summary as follows

secondary ipaddress added 61.xxx.xxx.54 and to autoexec.ncf as well.
http accelerator webmail.company.com configured with internal ipadress port 80 with proxy address public ip being the secondaryip address port 80. authentication not added yet.

An entry was added to the HOSTS file that referenced to

Two filters were added as per pg 199 of craigs book. basically
interface public to interface public | http tcp packet src port
1024-65535 dest port 80 |Source Address ANY, Destination Address

Second filter - interface public to interface public | dyn/ack/tcp
packet src port <ANY> dest port 1024-65535 Ack bit filtering enabled
|Source Address Host 61.xxx.xxx.54 Destination Address Any Address

An access rule has been added high up the list which allows URL access

to *webmail.comany.com*.

our isp hosts dns and has created an A address for webmail.company.com

pointing to 61.xxx.xxx.54. initially i thought it was a DNS prob
though i can see it through a number of nslookup sites. When i drop
the filters there is no problem accessing the webserver.

Accessing the webserver interally is fine either because of the hostsentry on BM server or because it is cached in proxy. If you try and
access from outside the network then you get the MSN cant find/DNS
error page. does any one have any thoughts thanks.