I just upgraded our SLES10 SP1 OES 2 web server to SLES10 SP2 OES2 SP1. The upgrade seemed to go well. Apache, Tomcat, and GroupWise Webaccess all appear to be working along with NRM and iManager.

But Netstorage has stopped. When I try to load "rcnovell-xsrvd start" I get an error that the xsrvd user does not exist. The namuserlist novlxsrvd command verifies that the user is missing. But, the namuserlist novlxregd user DOES exist and the "rcnovell-xregd start" command DOES work.

By looking at TID 3595588 I have also noticed that the /var/opt/novell/xtier/xsrvd directory is owned by 82, which I am assuming was the novlxsrvd user's UID before it disappeared.

How do I get the novlxsrvd user to return? I have run the OES setup/configuration and selected netstorage to update. It did not re-create the user. I also checked the Linux User Management to update but it did not re-create the novlxsrvd user.

Can I just create the novlxsrvd user in iManager and then LUM enable it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!