We are having problems getting a IBM Lenovo SL500 laptop to image using a Realtek 8111/8168B Gigabit Ethernet Card with a VenderID of 0x10ec and a DeviceID of 0x8168. When we boot using the boot CD, everything loads without any errors, however when we run the img command, we are told that it can not find the Imaging Server.

I have run the "hwinfo --netcards" command and discovered the r8169 driver is not active. When I use the "ifconfig -a" command, it only returns lo with a loop back address.

As a workaround, I run the "modprobe r8169" command. I then run the "ifconfig -a" command again and now see the eth0 but with no IP address. So I then do a "ifconfig eth0 ipaddress" and I am then able to image the laptop.

We are using the ZENworks Imaging BootCD version that became available in the December patches. Is there a more automated way of doing this?