Wow, that was some update process. No errors but between NW5.1 to Nw6

and BM36 to BM37 it was a lot. Definately some fall out. Biggest
right now is management wise

1) Neither NWadmin nor ConsoleOne seem to recognize the
NBMRuleContainer's there, they see it, but the both have a box with a
question mark Icon. I can't find snapins specific to this....ideas?

2) Imanger just plain doesn't run. If I hit the https://...:2200
address I get the "welcome" screen with basic generic "see all the new

cool features of NW 6?". I don't get anything that looks like I can
manage my filters. If I hit https://...:8009 I at least get remote
manager but, that doesn't really help in this circumstance.

Also, oddly, when I hit 8009 and get prompted that the site name
match the certificate, I find the certificate is issued to of all
things, the IP address tied to my VPN tunnel. That makes no since atall since BM3.7 wiped out my tunnel completely and I had to reinstall
this morning when I came how did the Novell update, which was

done before I put VPN back into play latch on to this IP address and
can I fix that? Ugly....I'm not sure I like this SSL stuff...seems
all these objects just get created for me, don't ask me what I watn,
then services just get set up on top of them. Sure, I can delete andcreate a new SLL object but then how do I make the services use that
one...without reinstalling the service/product and making an even

Is it just me or wouldn't it be easier if the installs/updates would
stop assuming and start asking us for every little setting? I mean,
rather have to learn the stuff BEFORE I go live with it than to go
and fix it later because it made assumptions and I didn't know

"If a man will not admit he has a problem, how can he hope to solve