I am trying to configure a new installation of BM. Here is the layout.

Public E0 on router : 63.164.xxx.xxx
Public on BM: 63.164.xxx.xxx C100B LANPrivate on BM 192.168.xxx.10 C1000B LAN Cisco 4006 192.168.xxx.1

Server: IBM x330, public router Cisco 1721.

Problems: Router Can't ping into the network. What things should I
check ? What Route should the router have to route traffic into the network ?
I have " ip route 63.164.xxx.xxx(BM

Cisco 4006 can ping the router through BM server, but
loses 2/5 packets...

We are using NetWare 6 SP3, BM 3.7 Sp2. Lan Drivers are SP3 level.
I have tried forcing the LAN cards and switch ports to 100 Full and
this didn't help. I am wondering if it is too fast going from 1g to 100m =through the server. I am hoping the two problems above are related.