I am trying to load NOWS from Novell's DVD on a brand new Dell PowerEdge 1900 Dual Intel Quad Core with Perc5/i SAS Raid with 4 drives and an Adaptec controller for a tape drive. I have tried numerous raid settings, and spoke to Dell's support, which was fruitless, since they haven't certified NOWS on it, although it does appear that the PERC5 controller is supported, and it appears others have got other versions of Netware/SUSE Linux running on it. The install process does not get past the "LOADING..." message. I let it sit there for an hour, and nothing happened, not even a timeout. Server wasn't frozen, since ctrl-alt-del restarted it. Tried the Suse linux installation DVD's just for kicks, and they stop at the exact same place. Client just bought the media and licenses, not the support package. I tried to download the latest version from Novell's website, but it's telling me there's a Tomcat failure. Not sure what to do next, other than fork over the (ridiculously) big $$ to Novell, and hope they can talk me through it. Any ideas?